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How to shop for carpet

It’s easy to get distracted when you shop for carpet flooring with all the pretty styles, vibrant patterns, and beautiful patterns. There are some things you should keep in mind to help you get the right one for you. At A&R Flooring we’re a carpet flooring retailer. Here are some need-to-know things to arm yourself with when you shop.

Weight isn’t an indicator of quality

Too many people think “thicker or heavier is better,” but some carpet floors are too thick for the installation. Density, how close together the fibers are tufted, determines quality. An easy way to check is to bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

Another indicator is the twist, which is how many times the fiber is spun in a one-inch length, usually going as high as six or eight. The higher the twist, the more durable the carpet.

Note: Cut piles don't have a twist, so it only pertains to high pile rugs.

Coordinate, don’t match

Every carpet is different and every room has its priorities and challenges, so consider the pile when selecting a style. There are high pile rugs with long, loose fibers like the shag or frieze. Low pile rugs have short tightly woven fibers like the Berber style or cut and loop. The Saxony, a cut pile, is neither high nor low and comes in various styles so it fits into most decors.

As an example, take the shag. It's a great choice for the bedroom. This area has low traffic, so there won't be much dirt. It's also nice to put the foot down on something plush and soft first thing in the morning. Stairs get a lot of traffic with people and pets running up and down all day. The rug needs to be able to wrap around balusters and railings; it also needs to provide a solid foundation for the foot to eliminate slipping. A low pile rug might be better.

Understand the importance of padding

Padding is directly related to your rug's appearance, performance, and longevity. Not all padding is the same. Ask your flooring pro about the best one for your rug.

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